Kashmir lakes

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the traditions of the Kashmir assert,that the whole of Kashmir ,intending thereby the principle line of valley,was originally one large lake,and aspect of the province confirms the truth of the legend,the subsidence of the waters being distinctly defined by horizontally lines on the face of the mountains:it is also not all unlikely to have been the scene of some great convulsion of nature.t Kashmir has a number of lakes most of the lakes are glacial origin.some of the important lakes of Kashmir. wular lakes: the wular lake in Kashmir is the largest freshwater lake in India .it is about 16 km long,9.6 km wide with ill-defined shores. this lake lies between bandipore and sopore at a distance of 75 km. Dallake: Srinagar the city of Dallake is a beautiful lake in Srinagar city. it is 8 km long and 6.4 km wide.it is the floodlung of jehblum .the famous house boats are crown of the dallake,and the famous mughal gardens are situated on the banks of the dallake. the unique floating gardens,are found in this lake,and produces large quantity of vegetables.      Anchar lake:The Anchar lake is swampy area.the sind nollah enters this lake from one side and flows out from the other  side.It is about 8 km long and 3 km wide.Ganderbal is a famous township on its north west bank.Harwan lake:The harwan lake is situated at a distance of 21 km from Srinagar.it is 278m long and 18 m deep .This lake is a source of water supply to Srinagar city. kashmir high altitude aping great lakes read more


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dear friends i am a trekking guide in kashmir region , trekking is our family business , from last five decades or more, i been trekking last 13 years ,you can contact me on 09419592631 or my web trekkashmir.com
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  1. Noha Abdel-Rassoul says:

    When my husband and I found about the great lakes of Kashmir, we then had to look for a travel agency that organises the trek. We had no previous experience in trekking at all and we found trek kashmir as well as few others offering that trek. We checked the prices and the programs and what each one offers. The first reason that made us choose Trek Kashmir was that , first of all, they were willing to customise a trek on suitable dates for us, or form a small group and that would be just for almost the same price as what other companies charge for being part of a big group. The 2nd reason that made us trust Trek Kashmir is that it is a family business, you are dealing with the owners and managers of the company directly, and one of them is always with you on the trek. When Riaz said in one of our first telephone calls “you have my word”, it really was so. Whatever he promised when we were booking, we got it and even more than expected. When I asked about the food for example, he said “you will get fresh food”. Well.. it sounded nice and all, but I didn’t really imagine it until we were really on the trek and saw all the stuff which our guides brought in order to prepare us the meals and yes, freshly made. When the trek started, I really realised the advantage of dealing with a business that is run by a family in Kashmir and not just some big corporation where nothing is personal. From the moment we were received at Pakhtoon house, we were greeted with enormous hospitality from all of the family members. And on the trek, Tarek Pakhtoon joined us, well, he was all the support someone needs on such a journey, on so many levels. My husband and I got the feeling that we were dealing with a friend, a brother, and not just a business owner. They really cared about our wellbeing and satisfaction and constantly asked if we need anything else. The trek itself included of course some of the most beautiful scenery one could see but one needs to be with expert guides and guides you can rely upon. For us, the journey in Kashmir was a great life experience, but it wouldn’t have been complete, if we hadn’t met Riaz, Tarek and his family. We thank them from all of our heart for making our trek possible.

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