kashmir adventure treks

Adventure treks kashmir has a vierty of adventure treks,the kisthtwar trekking is best trek but unknow to world.kishtwar a unique land of sapphires and saffron,kistwar is the upland valley in the north east corner of jammu region ensconced among the picturesque folds of the pir panjal and great himalayas ranges ,paddar ,dacchan,marwah,wadwan,and chatroo are its major leading to suru and zanskar valley of ladakh pass amidst breathtaking mountain sceneries.as an adventure trek you can start from sonamarg ,pahalgam chandanwari or from daksum,from the kashmir part warwan ,rangmarg,are most beautiful and adventuries part .the trek is about nine days,from sonamarg to kishtwar.other adventure treks of Kashmir  and  reviews read more.Image


About dazpakhtoon

dear friends i am a trekking guide in kashmir region , trekking is our family business , from last five decades or more, i been trekking last 13 years ,you can contact me on 09419592631 or my web trekkashmir.com
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