kashmir kolahoi glacier trekking

kashmir kolahoi glacier trekking

kashmir kolahoi glacier trekking is one of tough trek in kashmir


About dazpakhtoon

dear friends i am a trekking guide in kashmir region , trekking is our family business , from last five decades or more, i been trekking last 13 years ,you can contact me on 09419592631 or my web trekkashmir.com
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2 Responses to kashmir kolahoi glacier trekking

  1. Dibyendu says:

    hi…. i am planning for kolahoi trek in august 15…. is that safe…..??

    • dazpakhtoon says:

      yes every trek is safe you donot have worry at all there is no problem in any trek in kashmir i take almost twenty groups in season.and i have been recently few times to kolahoi trek.

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