Kashmir Trekking packages

Welcome to local small family company trek Kashmir Mountain Travel.The company started  taking trekking tours from 1934.The company was started by our great grand father late sabir pakhtoon and later run by my grand father up to 80s,The company has very good reputation in 80s and was well know for budget trekkers and travelers.The bit guide was recommending our company up 90s with my elder brothers name mr asraf pakhtoot .Trek Kashmir has excellent track record regarding satisfaction and safety of trekkers during their trekking,adventure sports in Kashmir Himalaya.The company is running from almost a century with previous ex princes shared by our elders we are very much expertise ,specialists in Kashmir mountain region.Trek Kashmir creates jobs for local horse men ,small guest houses potters crew members and many others.Trek kashmir shows you best part of Kashmir ,we have great deals on offer take a kashmir trekking package,hiking tours ,adventure sports ,winter trekking,or join a group trekking for kashmir great lakes trek and kashmir tarsar marsar lakes trek,customize trekking .The company is running from last one century gives you best  guidance with vast experience got through    the routes, ridges, mountains ,glaciers trekking,rock climbing,high altitude meadows  lakes and ,wild life of the Kashmir region.we  have been guiding from the ages as our traditional family  business we are Kashmir tour guide and trekking guides from ages. Kashmir valley  the land of  waters glaciers and mountains.every high reach of Kashmir has  different chain of alpine lakes. Tarsar lake, marsar lake,  deodsar lakes,

List of Best Treks of Kashmir

1.Kashmir Great Lakes trek

Kashmir Himalayan trekking

Adventure  Himalayan lakes trek

2. Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek

Kashmir Tarsar Marsar Lakes Trek

Lidderwat valley

3.Gangabal Lakes Trek

lakes of gangabal

Gangabal lakes twin lakes view

4. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

5.Kashmir Pahalgam to Panikhar Trek

6.Amir nath Trekking

7.Erin Bandipora trek

8.Harbhawan Lakes Trek

9.  Sonamous  sumbal trekcross

Kashmir Alpine lakes are  countless  high altitude lakes ,these are chain of lakes surrounding the vale of Kashmir, Gangabal lake is a massive lake in  deep Himalayas .Gangabal lake and vishnasar lake are the best for trout fishing . massive glacier and the springs are the source of water.

Kashmir Himalayan expedition

Camping In Great Himalayas

Kashmir is a  Himalayan valley with massive mountains and giant glaciers make it best for trekking ,trout fishing,hiking,adventure treks,mountaineering, Kashmir is best choice for adventure lovers. Kashmir with no monsoon rains  makes advantage for summer trekker to explore  Kashmir Himalayas.



  1. Assalamualaikum,
    Could you please send me the details for budget trekking in Kashmir. Thank you in advance.

    pls send to my email hatizal@fotomomo.com

  2. We spent 2 weeks trekking in Kashmir in June 2016. Our trek was in Aru valley; from Aru village we made radial treks along 2 rivers up to the altitudes of 3500-4000 m. The nature there is wonderful: beautiful forests, clean water of the rivers, a lot of flowers on the alpine meadows… And we could enjoy it because everything was organized specially for us by Riyaz Pahtoon. Before this trip we had the experience of different treks in Nepal, Buthan, South America, so we can compare. I can definitely say that our trek in Kashnir was one of the best . Everything from the beginning till the end was done professionally by Riyaz and his team, so we only enjoyed our trekking. We had 4 horses, 2 pony-men with them and a guide- Riyaz brother, who was also a cooker. The food was very good : very delicious Indian food! Our tent was new and big, enough space for 4 people, not only for 2 of us. So we could rest and sleep very well. Every day we walked for 6-8 hours. Our pony- men were very helpful, not only on the trek, but in the camp also.
    I’d like also to mention our driver, who was very professional and kindly explain us many things along the way. In addition I’ d like to say that the price was very reasonable for the perfect service we got during our traveling.
    We were very happy to visit this wonderful country – Kashmir – and hope to come again.
    I can with pleasure recommend Riyaz and his family company for those who’d like to travel in the Kashmir mountains.
    Tatiana , St-Petersburg, Russia

  3. me & my buddies interested to experience the trek in Kashmir…advice us on thr trip details pls. Thanks.

  4. Have been during the last week of May on a trekking in Lidderwat and Satlangen area with Riyaz and team. Although we were a bit early in the season (meaning crossing of high passes was not possible because of too much snow) we had a great experience. The area was very quiet with shepherds not having moved in yet, but oh so beautiful. Everything was organized without any hitch from day 1 at Srinagar airport till day 9 when we left Srinagar. The food during the trekking was very varied and very tasty. We plan to make the great lake trekking next year and will use Riyaz again. Stijn and Liza – South Africa

  5. Dr Kothawade Vivek

    Had been to Kashmir with family and had a great time , and the most memorable ever. Arrangements made by Riyazbhai were good. Our driver Yusufchacha made us feel at home ,& inspite of curfew in many parts of Kashmir he took us safely to all places. As it’s said Kashmir is paradise on earth , you have to see it to believe it. Thanks Riyazbhai for the wonderful experience.

  6. I don’t think there are words to express my gratitude towards Riyaz and his family. First of all Riayz’s family is experienced in the field of trekking for generations now and I don’t know if there are any people who know the mountains better than them. Secondly, I was blessed to find someone as honest, humble and warm hearted as him and his family. I told Riyaz I am low on money these days but am still eager to do a long trek. His price was so humble, comparatively nobody in Kashmir would offer such an understanding price, while he’s also the best in the field. He knows adventure, while at the same time he knows where an adventure ends and where danger begins. Kashmir is not like most popular treks in northern India or Nepal. Kashmir is known to be untouched and its nature is pure. You have to make sure that you get someone who is really experienced, otherwise you may find yourself lost in the forests with wild animals, or in military conflict areas etc. I am confident that you won’t get a better quality and a better price.

    But let’s talk more about Riyaz’s family as humans, because that is an experience that will stay with me forever. They invited me to eat breakfast at their home everyday in Srinagar. They made me feel like a family member and made sure that I get a true Kashmir cultural experience, by guiding me through the city, bringing me to one of the major mosques, and consulted me in many other ways. They even called me at night to make sure that I was fine and happy, even today Riyaz checks on me.

    I’m already planning my next visit with more friends, and besides the trek itself I am just excited to visit Riyaz and his family again.

    Regards from Egypt and Germany,


  7. If you are going trekking in Kashmir, Riyaz and his family and crew are your best friends. My partner and I booked a one week Great lakes trip with Riyaz. It was very easy to communicate with him and organise things in advance. I simply called his number on my whatsapp from Australia. He planned the hike professionally, taking us to great scenery and bringing all those things that will allow us to be comfortable in the mountain (even live chicken for food was brought up).
    The price was also fair, and all the people we came across through Riyaz were very nice and professional. This was a dream come true for us!
    I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this family business to anybody interesting in trekking in Kashmir.

  8. This was our first trek with Trek Kashmir to the Kashmir Great lakes . We were 6 of us from Bengaluru. The hospitality we received on the trek was remarkable. All the support staff were very friendly. The terrain was incredible. We were unfortunate not to cross the Gadsar pass as the terrain was not feesable. But nevertheless it was a very beautiful and a memorable trek. Looking forward to trek with them again.
    Cheers ,
    Sachin Sogal

  9. Shailesh Chhaya

    I have been with riyaz and his team twice on two different treks in kashmir. each of these two treks were remarkable. Their knowledge of the terrain
    terrain is most impressive.
    They are also very hospitable N get good food within limitations. Every evening soup N evening snacks were there by the time we reached camp.
    Their houseboat is also a pleasent one and their brother is knowledgeable of botanical N herbs.
    A good time in both visits. Me n my friend s enjoyed the overall experience both times.
    God bless them N may their humble N hospitality be with them always
    Best wishes to them.
    I highly recommend them

  10. Meidiani rahayu

    Hey I been first trek with trekkashmir to aru valley gadivar.is a Himalayan tribe village on north of lidder river .the river offer trout fishing .it is remote seasonal village.lovely peoples beautiful. And the mountains are stunning.it was in 2014 July.the in 2015 I took a group to Srinagar tulip festaval we all enjoyed tulip and sightseeing to pahalgam sonmarg.the service of trekkashmir are great.

  11. Meidiani rahayu

    Trekkashmir. Com nice service to sightseeing tulip festival. Insya Allah I want coming again and again

  12. come and explore asia paradise ,

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